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Happy Birthday Candice Swanepoel!

Posted by Katie A, Filthy Rich on

Today the gorgeous Victoria Secret model, Candice Swanepoel celebrates her birthday. She’s the angle who wore the $10 million ‘Royal Fantasy Bra’ and although lingerie covered in rubies is amazing, we take a look at her more conventional jewellery moments and how you can imitate that Swanpoel sparkle for a fraction of the price.

In 2010 Candice attended the popular Victoria Secret after party, she wore a fitted black dress with a pair of eye catching teardrop earrings which sparkled and glistened beautifully. You can get a copy of these tear earrings which add an elegant twist to any outfit and make sure you’re wowing people just like Swanepoel. These high quality earrings shimmer and catch the light to make sure you are star of the show. You also get 10% OFF these earrings until 20th November 2015 (Use code CANDICE10 at the checkout) to wish Candice a special Happy Birthday!


Teardrop earrings are extremely flattering and versatile. You can pair the stunning earrings with many different accessories for different occasions. Candice wore a big chunky bracelet with hers and it looked amazing. You can copy this look by wearing this glamourous cuff bracelet, these paired together creates an uncluttered, elegant feel but still makes an impact.

Another time Candice stole the show was definitely when she wore the iconic ruby encrusted ‘Royal Fantasy Bra’. Although this seems like the dream, it’s much better to wear your rubies where others can see them. This eye catching Ruby Halo Pendant is so striking and elegant and there are also matching ruby halo earrings proving you don’t need to wear a million dollar bra to steal the show.

Candice also seems to be a fan of stacking her rings and bracelets. These stackable rings that come in various colours are great for creating your own unique look. Stacking bracelets is also really easy, you can pair busier bracelets like this gold charm bracelet with a more simple style one like this crystal bangle to make your accessories and style individual to you.







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